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Medical technology

As a provider of medical coatings of many years’ standing, Kaltbrunner offers top-class finishes that have stood the test of time in clinical routine. In addition to biocompatibility and sterilisability, our coating systems are characterised by good abrasion resistance and high hardness.

In the operating theatre, our colour-finish coatings on instruments and implants ensure swift and unambiguous identification of work equipment. On request, we offer silk-matt surface finishing to reduce distracting reflections to a minimum.
Our coatings are ideally suited to subsequent laser labelling, making for improved legibility.

PVD-Coating systems developed especially for medical technology improve the osseointegration of implants and the barrier effect of measures to prevent allergic reactions, for example.

With our ISO 13485 certification, we commit ourselves to validate processes and ensure seamless traceability based on extensive documentation.