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The lacquer film on a surface has to fulfil various functions, depending on the requirements: decorative colouring, protection against environmental influences, prevent or ensure electrical conductivity, facilitate adhesion, produce a special surface feel, etc. It is therefore important to use the matching lacquer for the application.

1-component and 2-component lacquer systems, both water-based and solvent-based, are frequently employed in industrial lacquering. Depending on the application, the lacquer has to be prepared with hardener, thinner and other additives before use. This facilitates efficient processing on the one hand and allows the characteristics of the lacquer film to be influenced on the other.

The prepared lacquer is sprayed under pressure from a spray gun onto the substrate to be coated where it settles as a film. Subsequent oven drying may be required, depending on the lacquer system. The lacquer may be applied by hand using a spray gun or entirely automatically by means of a robot.